Pointed Brush


Pointed for multiple miscellaneous uses like filling in large areas of designs, and clean up.

When you are building your nail art tool kit, it can be difficult to know what brushes to buy.
Back when I started my career, I purchased a lot of tools that were pointless, and useless.
I had to learn through trial and error what worked, and wasted a LOT of money along the way. When I spoke to my on-set assistants, and new nail techs, I learned they were still facing the same obstacle I was when I started, over TEN YEARS ago!
There are thousands of brushes out there, with so many different uses, and I swear I have tried them all! What I noticed was, regardless of how many brushes I owned, I was always reaching for the same five for every nail design I did.
With this idea in mind, I created an essential collection of brushes for the growing nail artist, with the quality, and craftsmanship a nail professional will truly love, and appreciate.

I hope you enjoy!
XO Fleury Rose