Florida Water


Small Batch, Artisanal Florida Water 5 oz refill.

No frills, just the good stuff! Save the planet, and refill your old atomizer. For those who use a lot of Florida water, or like to dilute. 
•••Our formula contains a magical blend of 20 organic herbs, flowers, fruits, and botanicals. This multi-purpose spiritual cleansing water can be used for spiritual baths, purifying the home, prayer, meditation, and cleansing. It is also a great purifying body and hand splash, which is highly concentrated, and can be diluted to your desired potency, and used with an atomizer.
This recipe was a joy to develop, as I use a lot of Florida water. But I was wanting a more natural option without chemicals or dyes due to my chemical sensitivities, rosacea, and eczema. I used a traditional formula, and then added my own herbs like hyssop and basil for added protection, and purification. All of our products are charged during the full moon. This is an all natural product, with no preservatives, which may cause staining to light fabrics. 

Ingredients: orange, Lemon, Lime, Rose petal, Cinnamon sticks, Hibiscus, star anise, bay leaf, Hyssop, lemon grass, thyme, sage, Rosemary, basil, Cloves, Lavender, Vanilla, Calendula, Jasmine, Chamomile, vodka, Spring water

* May stain light fabrics, spot test for allergies before use.